Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doctors need more scale-side manners!

Can I get a "You go, girl!" for Kate? And can I get a "What the ?!" for her doctor?

Kate has been kicking ass all month long in the Better-than-bootcamp Camp. You can see the visible changes in her figure. She walks taller. She's trimmer. She pushes herself. She's ecstatic about how great she feels. Plus she's funny to boot! So she's a pleasure to have in class and we love her. But we're oh so pissed on her behalf today. Even though Kate's lost more than a dress size, her blood levels are excellent, she's listening to her body, she's happy, her doctor poo-pooed all that and said "Yeah, but you need to lose weight."

Oh come on, doc! You do realize that muscle is denser than fat, don't you? (see below). And developing lean muscle mass helps fight type 2 diabetes, right? And even though her weight loss is slow going--she's lost 10 lbs in 3 months--that slower weight loss is a safer, more lasting way to lose and maintain it, than rapidly, right? You also realize that someone can be a fit fatty just as easily as being a unhealthy skinny, right? You doctors have us patients fill out those extensive healthy history forms. Do you ever read 'em?! Kate is the same body type as her dad. He's healthy as a horse. Maybe you should take photos of your clients so you can see physical changes, plain as day, right in front of you.


These are models of 5 lbs of body fat and 5 lbs of muscle. Both weight 5 pounds, but the fat takes up more space, while the muscle is denser and takes up less. So, when you first start exercising and just get pissed at the scale because it doesn't seem to budge, consider that you can fit more of that muscle mass in your jeans than that mass of yellow, squishy fat. Be sure to track your progress by how your clothes fit too!

Please, doctors, for the sake of Kate, and those who really do apply themselves, don't measure success solely by the scale alone. Think big picture, not just by what the insurers want you to measure.

Luckily for Kate, she's not only physically strong, but emotionally too. She has a great support team rooting for her in the Better-than-bootcamp Camp class. Instead of letting her doctor get her down and think her efforts are worthless, she'll use the experience to motivate her to keep going, and show her doctor what's what.

Kate~ let our hugs and the positive reinforcement from your fellow bootcampers keep you on track. You rock! Your doctor? Not so much.



Jenny said...

I'd like to slap that doctor over the head with a wet fish. Yay Kate!

Kristin Jackson, CPT, LWMC said...

You crack me up, Jenny. Thanks!

kate said...

Thank you, Kristin, for telling my story! And thank you to all my Better-Than-Bootcamp "sisters" for the love and support yesterday! I know I'm making sustainable life changes and feel better than ever - I just wish my MD had seen something other than the number on the scale. It disappointing to me not to see big change number-wise, but when I think about all the other changes, I'm not too worried about it - it will happen.

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