Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oregon Tradeswomen students ROCK!

Every other month I train a new team of women going through the Oregon Tradeswomen's Pathways to Success program. It's a program to help women prepare for the trades and my assignment is to improve their fitness level. The group trains with me 2 times a week for 5 weeks. The results are phenomenal! We just wrapped up another term and here's what some of them had to say:

I'm totally going to cancel my gym membership and join your classes! --Bridget

When I entered the class I thought I was in shape. I realized there was way more room for improvement than I thought. I lost 1 inch per week and can press 50lbs more than when I started. Thank you so much for getting me fit and stronger than ever. Your workouts rock and work brilliantly. --LoLo

I am so happy you encouraged me to push harder and the results are visible! --Anjeanette

Kristin really whipped me into shape! As someone who already has a gym membership and feels generally strong and healthy I didn't think I needed a trainer. WRONG! Kristin has a medley of exercise styles and methods and I'm confident she knows her shit. And even though we were a group I felt I still got personal direction and attention. Thanks! --Renee

Take It Outside Fitness has an economical, practical and fun approach to fitness. I enjoyed it thoroughly! --Kate H.

This is by far the most fun I've ever had working out! Kristin is super engaging and inspiring and pushes you to push yourself. Very knowledgeable, very innovated and such a joy to train with! --OTI student

Kristin is incredibly knowledgeable. I've taken her circuit training and pilates classes and I found both classes to be challenging and rewarding in different ways. It's invigorating to attend class and Kristin's positive, supportive attitude is incredibly motivating. She always has a moment to listen to questions and her hints and suggestions demonstrate her competence in her field. She pushes you to perform to the best of you ability, and always manages to be encouraging and supportive. She is mindful of your body's limitations and offers alternatives that allow you to exercise in a save and healthy manner. I would recommend her to anyone! --Laura Eaton

I've never worked so hard in any kind of workout before, but I really saw results! In the 5 weeks of your classes 2x a week I lost a size and doubled the number of push ups I can do! I'm stronger and have a lot more endurance. Thank you Kristin! --Angela Seims

I do a lot of running and spend a lot of time at the gym; fitness is definitely a hobby for me. Kristin's classes were all fun, interesting and I continued to learn new things...and they were challenging! She kicked my butt and I loved every minute of it! I will continue to use her fitness moves, especially her park workouts! Thanks Kristin!! --Jacquelyn Wubben

What a great trainer! I felt like Kristin payed attention to everyone's individual needs and kept them in mind throughout the whole class. --OTI student

I'm blessed to do what I do for a living and this group was such a joy. They were super motivated to give it all they have. They were active outside of the fitness classes with on-site trades experiences, so that contributed to their amazing results too. Thank you, everyone! Keep in touch!


Betty Lou said...

OTI women know their shit!

Way to go! To all of you! Including Kristin!

Gayle said...

Ditto to everything they said! You ROCK!

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