Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Do Something

When I meet with new clients I ask them their top three fitness goals and top three health goals. They usually can't narrow it down to just 3 each. They also have tons of ideas on how to reach those goals. Add to that equation all the fitness books, magazines, blogs, crazes and gadgets and it can be overwhelming turning all those thoughts into actions.

So here's my advice. Forget that ubiquitous slogan "Just do it" and "Just Do Something."

I kind of equate this to me and my crafting. I'm constantly envisioning crafty ideas in my head. I mean CONSTANTLY. I can't possibly do them all right now. Maybe even ever. But I can pick one.

Bear with me here. A fitness goal is kind of like a crafty endeavor. What we envision in our heads and what we actually produce in our first attempts are often less than spectacular. But with practice and repeated attempts, we see results. We learn from our mistakes. We come up with solutions. And over time we become really good! So good, that we are inspired to modify our current action or try another activity all together.

So when you can't decide what to do first, just pick one idea and run--or walk-- with it. If you want to lose some weight, instead of changing several habits all at once, develop one new habit at a time. Maybe you start eating a healthy breakfast everyday. Or you start biking to work. Or you stop eating while watching TV. Or you sign up for a pilates class. If you attempt them all, all at once, you and I both know you're probably going to throw in the towel before the end of the day. . .Come on! Did you really think a developing a new habit was going to be that easy?!

Think of your health goal like a crafting a new body. Figure out what really interests you. Find our what tools you need and how to use them properly. Find others with similar interests. Have some fun. Practice regularly.



Betty Lou said...

I love this post! It makes so much COMMON sense. Kristin, if you decided on a new career, you should become a psychologist.

Ann H. said...

Yes! Thank you, Kristin. I soooo appreciate this message and reminder. Having made a commitment to myself to get moving and fit. It is taking longer than I thought to practice new rhythms and establish new routines. But I have changed a few and I am in this for the long haul! Patience AND persistence!!

Shauna said...

I am overweight and I hate reading shit about thin people who are having so much fun and being cute. This sight gives me encuragement. Thank you for helping.

kristin said...

Thanks Betty Lou. Being a trainer IS kind of part psychologist, but it's a fine line we walk. I actually think psychologists ought be part personal trainer. Exercise is medicine.

Ann, working with you I've see lots of positive changes. We too often don't give credit to what we do do. As if it's no big deal, once we accomplish something. So be proud! ;-)

I'm really glad you find encouragement from my blog, Shauna. I'm right there with you in regards to skinny people acting like exercise no big deal. There are people who do only what they're good at, and there's the rest of us who grow through challenges and triumphs. Be sure to toot your own horn when you do something YOU think is awesome. (this is a topic I need to blog about, so stay tuned)

Sami and Sheng said...

Hey... I am toying with the idea of doing the Shamrock Run (the 5K). Perhaps we could have a TIOF team? Anyone else interested?

kristin said...

Sami-I bet we can come up with a Shamrock Run Team!

Shauna said...


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