Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yummmm! Kale Chips

Heather Hulbert passed a kale chips recipe along to me yesterday and I've already tried it out and L-O-V-E it! If you like to follow exact recipes here's one. But if you are more of a try-it-and-see style of cook, here's what I did, with Heather's suggestions.
  1. preheat oven to 300 degrees
  2. wash, de-stem, rip up and dry a bunch of kale. (I used red kale)
  3. toss the leaves with some oil (Heather and the link above recommend olive oil) but I used safflower oil because I was out of olive oil
  4. the next step is the fun part: flavoring your chips. You can toss them with salt, sesame seeds, seaweed flakes, Japanese rice seasoning, cayenne, garlic, nutritional yeast, wasabi powder. . .pick your flavorings and then spread the leaves out on a baking sheet*
  5. bake for about 25 minutes, flipping the leaves a couple of times
  6. the chips are done once they are crispy.
  7. Enjoy!
* I flavored two batches. One batch was just salt and nutritional yeast. The other was salt, rice seasoning, and sesame seeds. I think the first batch was awesome. The problem with Japanese rice seasoning is that they all include sugar, so I could really taste it on the chips. The seaweed flakes and sesame seeds suggestion from Heather would work better.

The recipe link above suggests baking the chips on a cooling rack, which I think would help, but I don't have any. The chips can supposedly be stored in an air tight container for several days. I don't think they will last past the next few hours in our house. Let me know what you do with your kale!


Witch of the North said...

Oh, goody! Just in time for treats for Halloween.

These sound so goooooood!

If I give them out to the trick or treaters, maybe they won't come around again next year. :-)

Gayle said...

oh wow! this sounds amazing! Thanks for all the great recipes!

kristin said...

Glad you both like the recipe. Maybe the kids will too!

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