Monday, August 23, 2010

Sami says...

Sami has been taking classes with me for so long, it's hard to remember when we started working together. We originally met in a water aerobics class, but then she decided to try an outdoor class. Here are her thoughts about Take It Outside Fitness. . .


I was the skinny little kid who loved to run and dance and skip, but hated, I said HATED, gym class. Throw a ball at me, and I would squeeze my eyes shut and cover my head with my hands. Tell me to run five laps, and I would plot to overthrow the athletic department.
Fast forward a bunch of years. Now I am a not-so-skinny grandmother who still loves to run and dance and skip, although at sixty-two I am a little slower than I used to be. Thanks to Kristin and Take It Outside Fitness, I have found what I wanted the gym to be all along; a place to exercise intelligently, without competition, or boot camp tactics, a place with an encouraging, knowledgeable leader, who can challenge me and except me (and my bad attitude about athletics), and help me stay fit, a place to be with others who want to be healthy and vital, and best of all - a place where I hear the chirp of humming birds and children’s laughter, breath fresh air, and see the seasons change.
I’m sure glad that Kristin’s motto is “think outside the gym.” Much thanks to her!

--Sami, 62


And much thanks to you Sami!

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Betty Lou said...

What a great read! Kudos to Sami...and to Kristin!

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