Tuesday, July 20, 2010

creating a better me via healthy lifestyle choices. . ."

Occasionally I get a client or student who really loves training with me, so much so that they want to write a little plug/testimonial of sorts to share with you. Here's the latest...
D. came to me through Oregon Tradeswomen. She wanted to get in better shape to get into the trades. She was friendly, but told me that she wasn't really into working out and had yo-yoed with her fitness routine for years. So when class was wrapping up and she was so thankful, she wanted to tell the world how her training program had changed her life. When I read her words I was blown away. She rocks!

Kristin Jackson is the total package, literally! Not only does Kristin walk the walk with lifestyle & fitness coaching, she’s super-motivating and fun! Thanks to Kristin I’ve finally actualized a lasting desire to keep fit and continue creating a better me via healthy lifestyle choices and exercise.
Fitness is now about how I feel…not numbers. For years I focused on numbers, and it never worked out for me. Since I’ve been training with Kristin I’ve noticed a steady improvement in my feeling of well-being, health and happiness…but I’ve also managed to shed 50 pounds. Wasn’t I surprised when I finally stepped on that scale!
Thanks to Kristin’s awesome custom-tailored tips, even when I’m exercising alone I remember what I should be working on and how to do it in a manner most healthy for me. Plus, Kristin is practical and realistic. She’ll show you how to work-out with what you’ve got immediately available in your environment.
Something else I really appreciate about Kristin is the effort she puts into mixing things up and keeping you motivated. She keeps workouts fun, lively, and balanced with the total body in mind. Kristin goes the extra mile with her website and blog…wonderful support elements. I found free recipes, tips, fun links, class schedules…everything I needed to keep me interested on the way to my goal and beyond.
My training with Kristin started as a desire to get in better shape but it’s become a lifestyle which evolved into so much more. Kristin’s coaching has motivated me far beyond fitness. Kristin really is the total package. Working with her has helped me to start becoming the “me” I’ve always wanted to be. Thanks Kristin, you’re the best!!!



Mom said...

Thank you, D. This exactly why I am with Kristin and not Bootcamp! Thank you for outlining the specifics AND highlighting the "not about the numbers but about the feel". Very well said! Congratulations on the hard work of successful change. Congrats to K too for being the effective agent and coach for that change.
Take It Outside Fitness takes it out of the box/gym/home and into your life!
Ann : )

Betty Lou said...

I'm so happy for D and so thrilled that she's seen such positive changes, partly because of Kristin's motivation.

What a great story! Women rock!

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