Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting on track with a Health Coach

Do your hear things in your head? You know, those repetitive conversations that go on between your good intentions (GI) brain and your slacker-dude (SD) brain? Probably goes something like this:
Good-intentions brain, "OK, tomorrow I'm going to the gym after work."
Slacker-dude brain, "Yeah, sure you are! The closest thing in our life to a gym is watching the Biggest Loser."
GI brain, "No, seriously, tomorrow I'm going to stop by the gym on the way home. Just wait!"
SD brain, "OK, whatever you say!"
Next day...
GI brain, "Don't even say it! I know. I know. I forgot my gym bag and once I came home I just wanted to relax. But today I'll do it. Really!"
SD brain, "Uh-huh. . . sure you will. . ."
And so it goes. Seems, you have the best of intentions but your reality is a whole other thing. That's where a Health Coach can help. Unlike a personal trainer who helps you with your fitness routine 1 hour per week, a Health Coach helps you develop healthier lifestyle choices during the other 167 hours of the week. After all, if "getting in shape", "live a healthier lifestyle", "lose weight", are you goals it's going to take more than just working out to reach them.
It's not that a trainer can't help you, but often a trainer with a basic certification (if any) is lacking the knowledge to integrate exercise science, nutritional science and most importantly, behavioral science to help you with lifestyle-modification programs that are designed just for you. That's where a Health Coach steps in. She has experience in setting realistic goals, overcoming obstacles, exercise adherence, nutrition, stress management, and more. She wants to help you help yourself so you make healthy changes for life.

So who do you know who is Health Coach? Well, me! In addition to be a certified personal trainer (CPT), I'm also a Health Coach, certified by the American Council on Exercise.

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These stories are positively motivating.


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