Sunday, March 14, 2010

quick, healthy, after exercise snack idea

I just got back from a run and thought, "hey, what can I do with a banana and some ginger as a post run snack/" Here's what I came up with. Sorry, should have taken a picture, but I ate it instead. ;-)
  1. peel, cut and mashed ginger with a mortar and pestle
  2. peel a banana then make a slit lengthwise, about 1 inch in from both ends so it makes a something like a banana boat
  3. stuffed the banana with the ginger and some chopped dates
  4. eat it!
Yummy and good for you. Bananas are great post run foods, as is ginger for its anti-inflamatory properties. You could also add some nut butter of your choice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On the road, a guy I know had a peanut butter & banana sandwich for breakfast today. Ginger would have been a zippy addition.

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