Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dumbing down and fattening up?

So the FDA wants to put more prominent labels on packaged foods to educate Americans on the actual amount of calories they're consuming, versus the serving size listed on the nutrition label. Seems Americans are eating and guzzling more than the standard serving size. No, really!?

I'm sorry, but I doubt this labeling technique will help reduce the waist size of America. If Americans can't do simple math, measure out a cup of cereal, or are too lazy to rotate a can of soda to read the existing label, how will a label on the front of a product help?

I taught a basic nutrition class to a group of moms who said they didn't buy items sold in bulk, such as 10 lbs of apples for 10 dollars, because A) they were under the impression that they'd have to buy 10 lbs but only wanted three, or B) they couldn't figure out how much it would cost to buy just the three pounds lbs of apples. Seriously! Some might say, that since this was a group of low income moms, they couldn't do the math. I doubt it. I had a college room mate who threw her hands up watching a TV quiz show that asked if 10% of 100 was less than, more than or equal to 100, saying she wasn't good at math.

So what's my point? I think we're not only getting heavier as a nation, we're dumbing down. I'm not saying that stupidity is synonymous with obesity, I just think that we're more concerned with passing students through an educational system that focuses on the regurgitation of facts rather than on critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and basic survival skills for everyday life. check out this eye opening view from a passionate teacher who says our schools are churning out kiddos who are less than adequately prepared for the real world.

Like I always say, "knowledge is power". If we educate our kids and ourselves on how and why to take better care of ourselves, a lot of our woes will improve. I know a chiropractor in town, who summed it up perfectly: If we all just followed our mom's advice--go outside, eat right, get a good night's sleep--he'd be out of business. So simple...

Oh, and one more thing. Here's a great visual aid to help with figuring out portion sizes.

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Maria Del Gado said...

I clicked on the eye opening view link and it went to the spaghetti and tennis ball.

I'm interested in what the teacher had to say.


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