Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DIY massage

In the world of self care just about everyone likes to get a massage, right? But with the economy what it is, who can regularly afford them? If you are dealing with chronic muscle tightness, to gain any substantial benefit from massage you'd need multiple treatments per month if not per week.

I've blogged about how the foam roller has helped me with my ankle pain. If I hadn't rolled my calves for just a few minutes after every run while I trained for a half marathon, I would have had to throw in the towel early in my training.

I have clients who use the roller to keep IT band and back pain from flaring up. I use the roller from pilates classes and circuit training, flexibility work. They are an amazing tool, economical, light weight and don't take up a bunch of room.

Lots of you have asked for a workshop to learn more tricks to get a whole body massage using the roller. So, here you go! The first workshop is coming up Wednesday, March 10 2010. Stay tuned for future dates, or contact me for a private appointment that fits your schedule.

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