Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt

Most of the time, deep down, we know what we need to do to change our bodies, lives, etc. but we just don't want to hear it. If you want to learn more about what sugar does to the body, and want it straight forward, but not shoved down your throat, you need to talk to Andrea Nakayama of Replenish PDX.

I recently attended her Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth workshop. For those of you who have a serious sweet tooth, this class could be a wake up call. Not in a scary-eat-this-and-you'll-die kind of way, but as an education on what sugar does to the body and alternatives so you don't have to go cold-turkey from sweet, yummy goodness. (Andrea's Nakayummies are amazing!)

If you suffer from low energy, sleepless nights, depression, inflamation, allergies, have cancer in your family tree, you just might want to hear more. Even though I don't have a serious sweet tooth--I'm more of a savory-snacky girl--I have cut back on my sugar (and alcohol) intake and feel oh so much better.

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