Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You can change

Well, look at that! It's mid January already. For those of you who swear to make changes at the dawn of the new year, but find yourself still at the gate or taking the same ol' route instead of a new direction, here are some helpful links for success. Time's recent article about resolutions discusses success rates, helpful tips and reality checks. The Mayo Clinic has tips for sticking to your fitness routine. I've blogged about setting SMART goals...several times.

Change is hard. If it was easy we'd all be perfect and that would be down right boring. Actually let me rephrase that: The actions we need to take to create change--walk at lunch, drink less, sleep more--are really pretty easy. It's taking the time, prioritizing and regularity that make changes challenging. Regularity is the key, folks. If you plan to walk at lunch, but put if off, ask yourself what you regularly do with your lunch hour. Do you just keep on working? Facebook? Eat at your desk? You are going to have to change your plans (and your mind) to make that walk happen. Facebook will be there after your walk. If you feel pressure to just work through lunch, think again. After a brisk walk you'll be refreshed, smarter and more alert.

So if you have set a resolution but are slacking off, give it another try. And keep at it!

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