Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Healthy Tip #3-buddy up

One of my plans is to play matchmaker. But don't expect to find the man of your dreams with my help. Instead I want to match you up with a workout buddy or two. I recently blogged about how dogs keep us more accountable to our walking routine than a human companion. But since Fido has no opposable thumb, things like weight training, skiing, or yoga are kind of out of the question for you and your pooch. (Well, maybe you two could do yoga--make that doga--after all! Who knew!)

A workout buddy is a proven way to get and stay in shape. So grab a co-worker, neighbor, or friend and move it together! Your options are limited only by your imagination. Walk, jog, dance, roller blade, take it outside, go to the gym, hula hoop, ski. Then set days and times to meet. Just knowing the other one expects you to show up is a surefire way to stay on track. And be sure you aren't easily swayed by excuses either. If you think you should clean the house or feel compelled to stay late a work instead, forget it! You have a date with your exercise bud!

New to town or just have a bunch of lazy friends? Then meet some new blood through groups with similar interests.
Portlandneighborhood.com has a list of fitness groups in town
Oregon Road Runners Club lists events and group runs
Portland Dancing is a great website listing events and lessons of all kinds all over town!
Craigslist has a community section for lessons, groups and events.

So, there you go! One less excuse! ;-)

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