Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walk the dog!

Back when I got out of college I had two goals: to buy a house and to get a dog. I bought a house and then I adopted a sweet dog that I named Jake. "Jake" is your buddy's name. He's happy to hang out with you. Maybe split a pizza with you. Hang out in the sunshine. Gladly road trip with you, if just to the grocery store. Anything I was doing, he was game to do it too.

I personally think if you add a pet to your life you owe him some daily quality time. They ask for so little and give us so much. Growing up my mom was the family dog walker, so maybe that's why I just followed the pattern of walking Jake every morning and evening. Some shorter some longer, but everyday. It was a habit from day one and he always reminded me if I thought of slacking off. (I never taught him to do it, but he'd gather up his leash and my keys at the front door. I told you he was smart!)

Anyway, check out this article about how walking with a doggie is more effective than walking with a human. Seems they get us to exercise more often, a bit faster and the study says they may even help with depression and anxiety. Well, duh! Jake could have told you that.

Me and Jake in Hells Canyon, 2004.


micki said...

Yeah, and walking a dog you just have to pick up their crap. Walking with a human, you have to listen to their crap.

Just kidding. Sort of. :-)

I miss Jake.

kristin said...

I'm right there with you...I miss Jake too!

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