Thursday, October 8, 2009

stealth exercise

Mary came in yesterday and had what she called an ah-hah! moment. Even though she's been working with me for a while, just recently she feels her body taking on a whole new shape. Why? Well, let's see. She just returned from a 10-day backpacking trip. That's gonna equal some serious calories burned! Plus, now that's she's back, she's painting and rearranging the house, walking more, riding her horse more, group training once a week, and she's living upstairs while the house is being renovated. Hmmmm...can you see what I see?

That hiking trip certainly kick-started her metabolism. But all the activity since Mary's trip, like painting the house, is what I call stealth exercise. Mary may be burning over 400 calories/hour painting. (Multiply that by 6 hours on a Saturday and that's well over 2,000!) Even living upstairs. She's up and down them constantly now, unlike before when she may go up them once a week.

Morale of the story? To lose weight you gotta move, a lot, everyday! Just going to the gym probably ain't gonna cut it. ...Mary says she wasn't thinking about all the added activity in her weekly routine as what triggered the jump start of her metabolism, but now she gets it. Here's to her keeping up the pace!

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Betty Lou said...

Mary probably started revving up her internal engine at takeitoutside and was able to ramp up the activity level because of that involvement -- and she didn't even notice that she could get more done, more easily, in the available time until she JUST DID IT!

Good for Mary!

I love these stories.

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