Sunday, October 4, 2009

Portland Marathon

Congrats to everyone who ran today in the Portland Marathon! In your honor I ramped up my run today: almost 9 miles! (Yeah, I know, big deal, but think back to when you started training and you thought 9 miles was kick ass!)

I'm training for the Run Like Hell 1/2 marathon, on October 25. Still haven't registered though. Can't decide between Run Like Hell or the Columbia Gorge 1/2 the same day. Hhhmmmm... the mean time I'll keep on training. I'm adding hills to my runs. Either event, I'm gonna hit some serious inclines. Me no likey the hills.

I tackled Mt Tabor last week and actually did well. And by "well" I mean I ran up them. Not fast but didn't stop so that's good for a flatlander like myself. I give all the credit to my polenta and bean dinner the night before. Yummm...

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micki said...

Though I'm not a runner I've always enjoyed that sense of "getting there," therefore, I think I understand that sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching the next goal that runners strive for.

A personal goal, coupled with the celebration of the accomplishments of others working towards a similar goal, creates a sense of community.

Reflect and remember, all through life, we never run alone.

Go, Kristin!

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