Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've offered my Walk/Jog/Run in the past but the group this term has been so much fun I had to brag about them. First of all, here's what the W/J/R class is: it's a beginning running/jogging class for those who think they're not runners, but secretly want to be. The first week they start with a 1 minute jog/2 minute walk, and repeat that 6 times. But week 8 they run 20 minutes straight! 

This class drives home the point I always make: setting weekly goals helps you reach long term ones. Each week they progress to longer periods of jogging and have homework to help them along. Skip class or the homework and you'll feel it. Follow the plan and before you know it you're running!

Overall the group had done really well. What started with the majority saying "Oh gawd! I've never run in my life." to "I can't believe how great I feel and I'm actually running! Whoohoo!" Some of them had tried running in the past and said it felt akward or painful. They're the ones who are jazzed that--with my cues on proper form and a little tweaking--they are pain free and progressing beyond what they had ever done before. Pretty cool, eh!?

I love the way running makes me feel. It clears my mind, I'm relaxed afterwards, and since I love to eat, it helps me keep my weight in check. Of course when I first started, it felt hard. And long runs still are. But the sense of accomplishment I get from following through and tracking the miles and calories burned makes me proud. And that feeling of "I can do this!" filters into other aspects of my life. 

The current class will wrap up this Saturday Sept 5 and we'll celebrate with pie at Bipartisan Cafe afterwards. Everything in moderation!;-)

What's next? We're training for the Turkey Trot benefiting the Oregon Zoo. Everyone is welcome to attend class, the Trot is optional...but it is a good goal to keep you on track!

P.S. I've added a new w/j/r class to the schedule for Wednesdays at 9:15am at Mt Tabor too.

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