Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Excuse #4: Family responsibilities keep me from exercising

My mom is rarely, if ever sick, but when we were kids, the whole family came down with some nasty flu that, looking back resembled something like a Monte Python skit. We were all so gross (I'll spare you the details) that it came down to us kids having a towel pinned to our jammies and carrying a bucket to barf in, because our parents couldn't keep up. (Oh, jeez, I really hope my mom just laughs at this, as I am, when she reads this!)

My point of that trip down memory lane? Sometimes the whole family gets sick and you gotta ride it out. But for many women "family obligations" are top of the list for reasons for not exercising. Ladies, get over that guilt and get moving!

You know when you're aboard a plane, the flight attendant reminds you in the safety presentation, that in case oxygen masks are needed and "you're flying with someone who needs your assistance, put your mask on first and then assist others."

Same goes for your health. The sooner you develop a fitness routine that you can incorporate into your life, the easier it is to make a habit of it. (walk at lunch, actually use those fitness toys you buy but are stored under the bed, walk or ride with the kids to school. Get imaginative!)

Yes, sometimes the whole family gets sick, but if you're burning the candle at both ends, neglecting your health for the sake of all others, something is going to have to give. Ask for help from partners, coworkers, a trainer, even tell the boss that you'll be a more productive worker if you can take time for fitness. Your life may depend on it...


Meredith said...

Ideally I totally agree. We all should work harder at making ourselves the priority. It's a process to make that happen for sure, a continual one.

But in reality as a mother of three, I will say that this is truly SO much easier said than done.

micki said...

I'm not buying the "moms can't find the time" schtick.

I must have been a bad mom, because I hauled the kids to the tennis courts and told them to "go play" while I beat the crap out of the men who challenged me on the courts.

PS I'm laughing about the trip down memory lane.

micki said...

Oh, not to sound like "woe is me" but I was the only one who loved THE DOG at 5:00AM, so I walked him before I got the kids off to school, admittedly with Bill's help, then trudged down to the train station and rode the rails into NYC, and walked a mile and a half to the office.

There are ways to integrate exercise into one's daily routine, if one makes it happen.

micki said...

On my soapbox :

Any health care "reform" without a robust public option is a sham. But, even the public option is a watered-down alternative to what the country really needs, which is MEDICARE FOR ALL, or single payer.

It should work like this: If anyone wants to buy into Medicare, it would be his/her choice. Medicare works. The infrastructure is in place, it's a proven model (sure, it needs to be tweaked, but what doesn't now and then), overhead is a fraction of what the overhead is for private insurance.

This country could have Medicare for All in a matter of months, if there was the political will to accomplish it. But, our politicians are too entrenched with the corporations -- their corporate patrons are the de facto government, they are running the show.

If you young people want to protect your future, you'd be riding Obama's ass and your senators and representatives asses for single payer -- but, of course, they took that off the table, so your next best HOPE, at this point, is a robust public option. And, that doesn't look too good as a possibility right now. Looks like Obama says he wants a public option, but will sign a bill w/o it. What kind of signal is that to send, when he's theoretically working for a public option? He'd flunk Negotiation 101!

If this health care "reform" goes through without a government-plan included -- a public option -- the insurance companies will stand to rope in millions of new "customers" with premiums that will AMOUNT TO A TRILLION DOLLARS over a decade.

Have you wondered why the insurance companies aren't being the nasty a**holes that they were during the Clinton attempt at universal health care? Well, it's because if it is MANDATED that everyone has to buy insurance, they will have the biggest windfall in decades, that's why. They are going to laugh all the way to the bank, if "reform" goes through with co-ops, or "exchanges" instead of a strong, robust government plan as a CHOICE.

In the meanwhile, eat right, exercise, laugh, get plenty of fresh air.

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