Thursday, July 30, 2009

just say "no"

I just talked with a new client who had reservations about working with a trainer, even though her chiropractor had recommended me. 

Seems she got some high pressure sales BS from a trainer at one of those big-box gyms. Little Miss Trainer told her if she wanted to lose X number of pounds it would take X number of sessions, so pay up X number of dollars, please. This is crap. There is no magic number of sessions that equals a set amount of weight loss.

So, if you're being sold a bill of goods that sounds to good to be true, it probably is. No set number of sessions, special supplement, or gadget is going to give you the body you want. You are going to have to work at it. The more effort you commit to your goals, the better (and quicker) the results. Likewise, if you putz around, don't expect much in return. It's up to you.


Wonder Woman said...

The Great American Way.

A quick fix.

No effort.

Charge it.

Take a pill.

Lose 45 pounds of belly fat in 2 wks.

Trainer Kristin said...

This client did start training with me. She has lost about 40 lbs. She's done it all by moving more and making healthy food choices. She did a lot of the work completely on her own with some guidance and suggestions from me along the way. She also did a lot of self evaluations about what works and how to avoid sabotaging her efforts. She as moved out of town recently but we still check in via email and phone. Kudos, Jenny!

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