Friday, June 26, 2009


What motivates you to exercise? Feelings of exhilaration? Guilt? Vanity? That wedding dress? Just part of life?

If getting fit is your goal but just not happening maybe it's time to find a new source of inspiration/motivation. Instead of dwelling on what the scale says, how about finding something else on which to focus.

I find when I ride my bike as my main mode of transportation I keep my weight in check without much thought. And that's even with the occasional drink out, burritos and my ultimate down fall: chips and salsa. Everything in moderation, people!

So yes, I ride for those reasons, but there are two more that motivate me to keep on peddlin'. Saving money and saving the planet. Why buy gas when I can ride for free? And why burn fossil fuels when I can burn my own internal engine that could. And so can you!

...maybe you could focus on how walking to work is so much more relaxing than sitting in traffic. Or how swimming makes you feel weightless. Or when you go dancing you feel sexy and sassy. If you stop focusing on that perceived hard-to-attain weight loss goal and find enjoyable reasons to move it to lose it, maybe it won't be so hard after all.

Just a thought...Ok, gotta the library for my volunteer shift. Cheers! ;-)


micki said...

Inspiration has to come from within. No one can be verbally bludgeoned into good heath and good habits. Even if a friend's success, an enthusiastic trainer, or a running buddy initially provides the jumpstart "inspiration" necessary to get us motivated to take better care of ourselves, unless we have that internal spirit, and look within ourselves, it will all be for naught.

Good nutrition, positive thinking, consistent exercise are not going to become life-long habits unless a person as an "inner" commitment of the spirit.

As with anything in life, believe in yourself first. And the rest will follow.

Betty Lou said...

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and just tell yourself you can do anything you want to do.

Inspire yourself!

Then you will inspire others.

Just like Kristin does.

J said...

Julia Child said, "Everything in moderation, even moderation!", so go ahead with those chips and salsa, once in a while... they're too darn good!

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