Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Close it down and they will come

Even though I was born in NYC I gotta say I prefer the NW. More open spaces, less traffic. But here's something right up my alley; the closing of Broadway at Times Square! Less cars more people on their feet, or bums as the case may be for some, soaking up the sun.  The photos above are 2 of the 12 images  Hiroko Masuike took for  The New York Times.

I love it! 


micki said...

Remember when you roller-skated on Fifth Avenue in the Easter Parade? And from a block away that man and woman gave off a yeasty scent because they were dressed as Vikings (or something!) in armor totally made of beer can pull tabs?

There's a lot to LOVE about NYC!

Dr. Spock said...

How much weight should a woman gain in pregnancy?

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