Thursday, March 26, 2009

Try, try again

I've just come up from my craft corner--also know as the basement. I'm working on felted wool slipper designs. In my head, I can see exactly what I want these warm fuzzies to look like. Unfortunately the end result is still off it's mark. I could look at this as a big failure and just say f**k it (which I used to quite often do).

I've been fooling around with this project on and off for months and this latest pair actually looks OK. Still not exactly what I'm dreaming about, but I see progress compared to early samples. (I could show the earlier versions, but I won't, because they truly suck.)

The point I'm haphazardly driving home here? Just because we want something doesn't mean it'll just happen overnight. It takes practice, time, adapting, rethinking, reevaluating, just plain trying again and again.

And why is this on my Take It Outside blog and not my Eco Crafty Kristin blog? Because the same principles apply to health and fitness goals. Just because you want to be thin, in shape, or able to touch your toes doesn't mean its as easy as just wishing for it. You gotta try! You gotta have a plan. You gotta get back at it when you fall off the wagon.

A client asked why she gets all ramped up to get in shape and then craps out about 3 days into the "all new version of herself". Well, because 3 days hardly qualifies as a new habit. It's going to take more than 72 hours. Try weeks (maybe even months*). And then it takes maintenance. Which means that when you reach that arbitrary goal, you don't stop. You have to keep at it. That's life folks.

Anyway, that's my tangent thought for the day. Now go take it outside! ...and back to the basement I go for another attempt at my slippers.

* more on amount of time it takes to make a new habit in my Reality Check post.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cute slippers!

Meredith said...

You mean I haven't reached my fitness goal yet after a few weeks? I'm not Heidi Klumm? DAMN DAMN DAMN! No, I am really getting it this time. Thanks for the inspiration, craft and otherwise!!!

micki said...

There once was a lass who began making slippers,
She cut no corners and brandished no clippers.
They were cute as could be,
All would agree,
They served double-duty as snorkeling flippers!

me again said...

There once was a girl known for her crafts,
Some of her efforts elicited laughs,
But she keep at it,
Because she "grew" prizes from her first drafts!

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