Tuesday, March 31, 2009

hop, skip, and jump your way to denser bones

Those behind the Got Milk? campaign and the pharma industry pushing osteoperosis meds may want you to avoid reading this, but just so you know, studies show that exercise may be more effective than calcium intake at improving bone density. 

We've all heard calcium (and vitamin D) are good for your bones, but high impact exercise is just as effective if not more so.

Just sharing the info. Tomorrow there will be a study disputing the findings. Do with it as you like. Just want you to know of yet another reason to move that body.

I eat dairy. I also hop around all day walking, jogging, hopscotching, etc. I do pilates which I think is especially beneficial to maintaining a strong spine. 

I also eat non-dairy sources of calcium: bok choy, broccoli, canned salmon, beans, sprouts, quinoa, almonds. I don't drink soda or coffee. Some studies show caffeine and phosphoric acid may leach calcium.

There's more to impact exercise than just walking. Try adding a jog to your walk, jumping rope, hopscotch, skipping, hiking. 

Are you at risk for osteoporosis? Being small framed, depressed, or using tobacco raises your risks. (Yay! here's to being a happy, big-boned gal who thinks smoking is nasty!)

Ok, gotta run. Literally...so go take it outside!

PS How cool is that mosaic hopscotch image above? Makes me think about my mosaic classes coming up this summer....


Gayle said...

OMG! that mosaic is incredible! I want to do that in my yard.

but I have to say my favorite line is "here's to being a happy, big-boned gal who thinks smoking is nasty!"

Thanks for another great blog to make us think.

Meredith said...

Love the hopscotch tiles!! Good point. Hope you have a great day! (Knee is still mending here...went to class twice since hurting it...going low-impact. It's okay. I miss sweating though!)

kab said...

I assumed you'd put that mosaic on your front walk...you oughta! So glad I went to class this morning despite the rain and the gloom. It makes the whole day brighter somehow!

kristin said...

Hey Kathleen, thanks for coming out! I'll add doing a sidewalk mosaic hopscotch to my list of things to do! Speaking of mosaics, I'll be offering mosaic stepping stone class(es) again this summer. Maybe you can finish up yours! ;-)

micki said...

Don't overlook VITAMIN D...

While jumping and skipping and other weight-bearing activities are esssential for bone health, a commonly overlooked requirement for healthy bones, joints, teeth, thyroid function, etc. is adequate levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for calcium's absorption both from the intestines and into bone.

You want vitamin D3, the natural form. The fully activated form of the vitamin in the body is titled 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol as know as "calcitriol".

Anyone living in northern latitudes (for example, the Pacific Northwest or New England) is at high risk for vitamin D deficiency. Yes, high risk. Even people who think they are healthy to the bone!

Adequate blood levels of vitamin D to provide for bone health (as well as protecting against colon and breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, depression - and a host of other ailments) begin at 75 nmol/L of 25OH-D3.

The blood levels of vitamin D that are considered optimal vary depending on who is the "expert", but generally the range is between 70 and 100 nmol/L. Many people have blood levels that are as low or lower than 10 nmol/L. If they were to get a bone fracture, it'd take months and months to mend -- and perhaps never mend properly.

A daily intake for all adults of >/=1000 IU vitamin D is needed to bring vitamin D concentrations up to 75 nmol/L in at least 50% of the population.

micki said...

But, whenever you can, the best way to get VITAMIN D is through the skin, naturally.

Just 10-15 minutes outside on a sunny day, with lots of skin exposed will give you your daily dose!

micki said...


Another reason to eat your veggies...

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