Wednesday, February 18, 2009

exercise or die.

Does this t-shirt make me look snarky? Well tough! ;-)

When I was deciding what my t-shirts should say I asked my clients. Most of them said, "Oh definitely! Get me an 'exercise or die' one!" (They get it. Sure we all die, but if we don't maintain a good quality of life we're dead long before we're actually 6 feet under.)

I also went with the cute but safe "think outside the gym".

Either way, they're nice shirts. Cut for women but not like a sausage casing. Colors and sayings are in the photo. I have a few guys shirts too. 100% cotton. $15 each. To order call or email me. Muchas gracias!


Anonymous said...

Yeah the shirts are here

Meredith said...

I think I want a shirt. Do you have any left? ROOMY ones?? They are inspiring.

Meredith said...

Let me know what colors in XL...I will mail you a check. So cute!!

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