Saturday, March 21, 2009

cheap exercise tip #3: dance baby, dance!

Back in Austin I used to go dancing all the time. Swing, two-steppin', contra, I even won a polka contest... I loved it all! I frequented a hole-in-the-wall institution called the Broke Spoke on South Congress Ave. (This place had to be paying off the fire marshall. What a DUMP!) And while it was free to get in, I drank buckets of beer so not so cheap...

But I digress. Dancing is exercise! You can dance in the privacy of your own home, square dance at weddings, rent DVDs or just shake that thang wherever you want.

Did you know that square dancing is the state dance of Oregon? I bet you didn't. Well it is! Check out the Oregon Federation of Round and Square Dance Clubs. Don't want to relive elementary school PE class? Portland Dancing gives you a list of options based on location, dates, under 21, and type of dance, from ballroom to zydeco.

Wanna get down with your bad self at home? Netflix has 100s of dance/exercise DVDs to choose from. So does the library. Since I'm cheap and crave variety, I don't buy DVDs, but with rentals you can try a dance workout, advance or change your tune at any time.

People keep telling me about Wii Fit. So Wii Dance Dance Revolution is an option. Not a cheap one but could be fun. (Just so you know, Wii Fit workouts burn less calories than the actual activity you are mimicking in a Wii workout.)

The benefits while dancing include weight loss, stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, improved range of motion--check out this girl do the white man overbite--and just plain fun!

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