Thursday, February 12, 2009

cheap exercise tip #1: Walk it, baby!

The economy may suck but that doesn't mean you're allowed to just plop your ass down and do nothing. Cheap ways to exercise abound. 

Let's start with plain ol' walking. Don't yawn! Forget treadmills, and gym memberships to walk on treadmills. Walking is like stealth exercise. You can do it anywhere, easily add to your day, and you could actually like it if you didn't think of it as exercise.

And if you are into gadgets, but want to pinch pennies here's a tip:! It's like a pedometer, online, and best of all, it's F-R-E-E! It comes in different colors too:, and, you guessed it, You can pay for more bells and whistles, but if you just want to track how far you go and get an idea of how many calories you burned, this site'll tell you just that.

If you want to buy a pedometer, you can pick one up just about anywhere. Target to REI to drugstores to grocery markets. You can read tons of pedometer reviews online, but I say the more basic the better. (Do you really need a pedometer that talks to you? I walk to get away from people! ;-) 

In 2001 the US Surgeon General basically issued a declaration that Americans need to get off their butts and frickin' walk more! Like 10,000-Steps-a-Day more. That's equivalent to about 5 miles. (The average American supposedly walks about 3000* steps per day/1.5 miles. *I don't know about this number. I bet it's lower.)

For motivation, groups, classes, events, tips, and more check out the walking site

For books on walks in Portland checkout Laura O Foster's website. She's written Portland Hill Walks and Portland City Walks. The library has them as well as Powell's. She's written up walks with history of neighborhoods, trivia and historical sites. Very cool!

OK! Time's up. Get off this computer and go for a walk!

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