Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm hungry! A call to action

"I'm hungry." I say it frequently. Very frequently. But lucky me! I have a roof over my head, grub in the fridge, and while the dollar sure doesn't go as far as it used to, I can pretty much go to the store and buy food whenever I want to. But not everyone is that fortunate.

My food buddy Kathleen Bauer, blogger of Good Stuff NW, is encouraging fellow bloggers to get the word out to encourage you to support the Oregon Food Bank. According to the OFB press release "requests for emergency food are skyrocketing to record levels throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington. With need up as much as 43 percent in some areas, Rachel Bristol, executive director and CEO of OFB, said, 'Layoffs, foreclosures and and other economic disruptions are taking a terrible toll on our neighbors.' "

Sure the economy sucks. But surely you can forego one less latte this week and make a a child's life, a neighbor's and your community. Yes we can! Donate here!

And stay tuned. I plan to do a special event that blend TIOF and a OFB food drive!

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