Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day! A resolution to help

I'm excited about tomorrow. I make no bones about it. I'm jazzed about the incoming administration. But I hope all the Obamapalooza excitement doesn't fizzle after the concerts and speeches, but turns into action. Action by the people, for the people.  In our communities, among strangers and between political adversaries. I'm tired of the divide. I imagine, if we silenced the rhetoric, we'd all want the same things: Safe neighborhoods, clean water and air, an economy that's based on production of tangible goods, paychecks that go the distance for the necessities, good roads, healthy foods, good schools...oh how I could go on.

So, in that vein, I share with you my resolutions. I plan to volunteer more, spend more time with my friends, try to walk in that other person's shoes. I plan to do more networking with non-profits... last Saturday I attended the volunteer orientation meeting for Multnomah County Library. It's to be determined how I'll help. I thought I'd pull books off shelves, but they might actually have me share my outdoor fitness knowledge with the community! Who knew! See how things happen when you take the first step?

So if you want to feel good and make your community better, check out how you can help.
Hands on Portland is a clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities.
Multnomah County Library because knowledge is so much better than the alternative.
Medical Teams International, a great group that my husband worked with to rebuild homes in New Orleans.

Or share with me some of your favorites. All these organizations are asking for is just a bit of your spare time. Yes, we have a hell of a challenge before us. We will need to come together and make an effort to see positive change...Yes we can! What's your resolution?


Gayle said...

I love this topic! With all my free time I have been feeling a little guilty that I have not been doing more for the greater good and have been looking for some cause to give some time to. so thanks for the links and the ideas.

also in this vein, the great 4$ (Starbucks)is starting a promotion tomorrow to get people out volunteering in their communities. If you stop in tomorrow and commit to 5 hours of service, you get a free brewed coffee (not an uber latte). after you commit to giving time, you visit the website and they will have volunteer opportunities you can do in you local communities.

With our new administration going in this is a great time to do what we can to make changes in our lives and the lives of others!

micki said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious. This is the way to make "hope" turn into reality. Pay it forward....keep it alive.

Christa said...

I have always enjoyed my volunteer hours spent with Friends of Trees and bicycle wrenching at the Community Cycling Center.

The following website lists multiple volunteer opportunities in the area:

Bas said...

Hi, Kristin,
Thanks for mentioning Medical Teams International in your blog. We've got many volunteer opportunities around the world and in the Portland area. Our website ( more info.
Bas Vanderzalm
Medical Teams International

kristin said...

It's always encouraging to see comments on one's blog, but this is especially sweet. Thanks for commenting and hope to see more from others!

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