Friday, January 16, 2009

Clever Chimp Bags

Just a follow up to my Clever Chimps Bag purchase from Clever Cycles on Hawthorne. Last fall I used them for a bike trip to Port Townsend, Shaw Island and Bellingham Washington. Loved them! They hold sooo much stuff. Had enough room for a couple days of neccessities PLUS my pillow! Now that's traveling with comfort.

Now, it's winter and the recent snow and ice has made a sloppy mess of the roads. The bags are a mess too, but everything inside is dry and clean. Sweet.

On a side note, the reflector strips on the back of the bag are super visible. But here's my little crafty tip. I attached an old CD to the back of my bike rack and it's probably visible from space! Well, if I was going down a really steep hill and you were shining a light from space you could see it. But for now you can view what I'm talking about on my Eco Crafty Kristin blog.

Anyway, big thumbs up on the bags. Durable, water proof--not just water resistant, and they can just say on your bike permanantly. It's like having a trunk for your bike. Cool beans!

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