Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TIOF's first open house a great success!

So I finally hosted my first open house at the studio. And it was really fun! Tasty bites, vino, people dressed in something other than workout threads, and prizes! Many thanks goes out to everyone who donated gift certificates and goodies. 

Folks won massage treatments from Dori White, Teresa Lundy, and Taya Gunsul; a generous gift certificate to Oscar Albert; chiropractic treatments from Jess Desbrow and Cyndi Myers; goodies from Gayle's Good Soap, and Take It Outside! Fitness gift certificates and t-shirts.

I'll be hosting more open houses in 2009, as a way to introduce people to potential workout buddies, share knowledge about gym-free workouts and just to have some fun! 

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated!

Max working his core on the fitness ball. Not that he needs it! He demoed a 2 wheel skate board earlier in the evening. Now that's hard to do!

Madeline, Becky and Dori modeling the TIOF "exercise or die" t-shirts.

Kristin and Becky toast doing pilates roll ups.

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