Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make your goal known

For most of us, when we decide to set a particular goal--change careers, run a marathon, sign up for a pilates class--we are more likely to follow through if we put our goal "out there." As if declaring it to the world, helps us stay on course. And quite often it does!

With this in mind, I asked my training group this morning if we should each set a personal goal for the week and check back following class. They loved the idea! Then they got more ambitious and wanted to do a put some money on the table as more motivation. They decided that if one doesn't achieve her goal for the week, then she has to contribute $2 to the pot. They debated on whether to award the collection to the person(s) who complete the most goals for the month, but decided they liked the idea of putting the money towards an event, such as coffee at a local bakery, or whatever they desire. (If they prefer not to participate, that's cool too.)

It's simple things like this that help us stay accountable to ourselves, each other and our goals. I'm excited to see how it goes! (and I'll try it with my other groups as well!) Our goals included hill walks, heavy duty yard work, hauling firewood, swimming, and pilates reformer workouts... gotta run; it's my goal to hit the reformer!

1 comment:

m.w. said...

I love goals!

But, sometimes the goalposts keep on moving!

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