Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Private vs Small Group Training

A friend of mine (we'll call her Bridget) used to always injure herself in a fitness class at the gym. She felt that the instructor was more into it for himself and didn't seem to cue enough. So Bridget started working with a trainer who guided her on proper form and provided lots of options and modifications to exercises and started to see results she didn't get in the classes. Happy ending for Bridget...But not everyone has it in their budget for private training sessions, right?

The big differences between classes and private sessions are cost, personalized attention, and modifications for the individual.

That's why I really enjoy doing small group training. The group is small enough so I can move around the room and tweak your form, offer modifications, it's fun, motivational and much more economical.

There are two ways I offer small group training. 1) I develop programs with a specific focus (pilates and ballet, circuit training, etc), schedule them during prime time and let folks register to participate in the group. The other option is for an existing group of friends, coworkers, etc. to schedule their group training session just like a private session.

Check out my small group trainings on my website. Enjoy!

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