Friday, April 18, 2008

Should you work with a trainer long distance?

Did you know you can work with a personal trainer without ever actually meeting in person? I have my reservations about this. For one, with all the trainers out there, why would someone living in, say, Tampa hire a trainer in Denver, sight unseen?

But I also see some more pros and cons in this approach to training. I've even considered adding this to my services, but the idea of never actually meeting face to face seems odd. Photographs are not the same as seeing a client's posture, form and fitness levels in person. I'm all about proper form, so I need to see you do a push up, make sure you can do lunges with proper form or confirm that you can handle jumping rope for more than 10 seconds.

The ideal candidate for this type of training would be someone who:
  • has good kinesthetic awareness
  • is self motivated and likes to challenge herself
  • is eager to try new things
  • has been active in the past or is currently exercising
  • knows what she needs to do, but just needs a bit of accountability
  • wants to update his current program

Not so good for folks who:
  • are currently hard-core couch potatoes
  • have several body mechanical issues
  • have serious medical conditions
  • are prone to injury while exercising
  • are, uh, honestly just kind of lazy ;-)
Honestly I don't think everyone needs a personal trainer. But if you want to work with one, make sure you meet with her/him in person initially, and then at least every 1-3 months, as you work together.

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