Friday, June 13, 2008

No one is watching you

When it comes to "what will people think?!" I couldn't care less. My motto is: as long as it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings or break any laws, I'll pretty much do what I want.

But I meet people who DO worry. They won't exercise outdoors, at the gym, or even take the stairs at work, because the worry about being watched or what people will think. Ah geez, get over it! Most people around us are so wrapped up in their own worlds that we don't even register in their peripheral vision. And if we do, maybe we'll be a motivation... the time I was visiting my sister in San Francisco who lives on a hill from hell which I decided to do some lunges up. A woman driving by hollered, "You've inspired me. I'm going to do that when I get home!" Cool!

And if being overweight makes you more self conscious, trust me, you're an inspiration too! When I see a rubenesque gal out running/cycling/etc. I think more power to her.

And lastly, know that just being skinny does NOT make you fit, or having a high BMI doesn't necessarily mean your overweight. More on that later...

...but for now, go take it outside!


m.w. said...

This is REALLY good advice! When I first started using my Nordic Walking Poles, I knew people would look at me!

Sure enough, they did. Some even made silly comments.

But, VOILA! Within a week or two, I saw several people who had stared, were using NORDIC WALKING POLES!

I guess you might say, I was a good example, rather than a spectacle!

kab said...

I have a friend who was out walking a few years ago with a pal who was using poles (my friend wasn't). A neighbor stopped my friend a day or so later and said, "It's so nice of you to go walking with your blind friend..."

My reaction to heavy folks out exercising is, "You go, girl (or boy)!" For all I know, they may have lost 100 lbs., so good for them!

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