Sunday, March 23, 2008

Opposed to Push Ups?

Kathleen was the first one to mention the NY Times article about Push Ups. It suggests that as we age we should maintain upper body strength and that the famous--or maybe infamous--push up is a great measurement of said strength. I agree. To a point.

Since so many of us are desk jockeys, we're already tight--and weak--in the chest/shoulder region from hunching over our desks, steering wheels and laptops. And the muscles in our backs are also weak but lengthened. 

So what's a girl or boy to do? Do those push ups! But make sure you work the opposing muscle groups, as well. And since your chest muscles are tight, make sure to stretch the region. 

The shoulder region is the most mobile joint in the body. But if you neglect it or over do it with repetitive movements or excessive strength training, you're more susceptible to injury.

I'll talk soon about how to check your shoulder flexibility, how pilates can help you with your posture, and why we should be strengthening our superficial muscles AND deeper stabilizer muscles. 

Now, go take it outside!


M.W. said...


Take a look at the flexibility demonstrated in this short video!

I'm going to work to accomplish this, too!

Thanks for the impetus...I'm on my way to take it outside!

Bill Jackson said...

Downward Dog is far more interesting than Outward Bound, IM[notvery]HO!

kab said...

Thanks for the shout out, Ms. K...I've certainly seen the benefits myself. Though the dog thing may not be where I'm going!

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