Monday, March 31, 2008

How bad do you want it?!

I was referred to Kristin two years ago after a doctor told me that I had two choices to avoid back pain - wear a $2000 back brace or develop a really strong core. At the time I was in so much pain, I wasn'’t able to stand up completely straight. It hurt to walk, sit, lay down. Everything hurt. 

I called Kristin and asked her to teach me some core strengthening exercises that didn'’t require me to move (true story!). Somehow she managed to do this. We started with the basics, breathing exercises and how I should be walking. She also gave me sound, realistic advice for losing weight.

Six months later I joined one of her Take it Outside Fitness classes. I have been taking the classes ever since, gradually building up my strength and cardiovascular fitness. Kristin truly is an educator who empowers people toward a healthy day-to-day lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgeable about her subject, helping people make the adjustments they need to prevent injury or challenge them further. She guided me from a very low level of fitness to where I am today.

Now, two years later, I am thirty-five pounds lighter and much fitter and stronger. More importantly, I am living with much less pain and able to do activities I thought I’d never do again. I can jog, hike, ice skate, bicycle, etc... I even returned to downhill skiing and joined a ski racing league this winter! Thanks Kristin!


I cried when I read Holly's email. Holly thanks me, but I give her all the credit. When we first met I thought, I can give her some basic exercises, but she's got a long road ahead and I hope she's got the determination to go forward and keep at it. I get clients who complain about hating exercise and create all kinds of obstacles. Not Holly! Holly is the type of client trainers dream of. Now, when Holly comes to class she has a huge smile on her face, her eyes glitter and she's happy! I just consider myself the facilitator and she did all the work. She showed up, followed through, and kept at it. I hope she's as proud of herself as I am. Thank YOU, Holly! You rock!


m.w. said...

Wow! Congratulations all around!

Go, Holly!

Go, Kristin!

Truly inspiring.

~Christa~ said...

Woo hoo! Yeah Holly!!

Anonymous said...

I spent New Year's Day in the ER with Holly two year's ago after a call for help because she literally could not get out of bed she was in so much started her trek with Kristin. I'm so proud of Holly and so thankful for Kristin who gave her the tools she to get to where she is today. bj

sarah said...

yay! awesome work Holly! your story is very inspiring. i will keep your story in mind as i work towards my own goals. and thank you Kristin for providing the support and guidance we all need to reach our fitness goals. you both are totally awesome! (love the blog Kristin!!!)

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