Thursday, February 28, 2008

WALK is not a 4-letter word

A friend of mine suggested she and her coworkers walk to lunch, but they vetoed her and drove--and dealt with parking in downtown Portland--to go just 6 blocks.

"I don't have time to walk to the community center." a client said, even though once she arrived she'd walk on the treadmill.

I even saw some sweaty hunk drive across the street from 24 Hour Fitness to Trader Joes. And wait for a spot close to the door.

Ay carumba, folks! Portland is an amazingly pedestrian friendly town, so why not get out there and walk already!?

Don't think of walking as exercise? Oh contraire!

My husband and I like to play tourists-in-our-town. We bike or bus to an area, then shlep around exploring, snacking, and seeing things you miss if you zip by in your car. According to a recent trek was about 6 miles. Not a grueling workout, but probably burned 600 calories. Not bad for a lazy Sunday. I walk our dog Ellie 2x most days. Over the year I probably stave off 15 lbs just getting her to poop outside our yard (and yes, I pick it up!)

My business slogan, is "Think outside the gym!" My mission is to get people to connect fitness and the environment, so here's a great place to start: Incorporate walking (or biking, jogging, skipping rope) into your everyday life and you can spend less time driving.

Forget designating a particular time/day of the week to exercise. Multitask your life and "exercise" as you walk your doggie, bike to the library, jump rope while waiting at the sidelines of your kid's soccer game, rake the yard...You'll blend chores, fitness, community and be green to boot!

My challenge to you: Drive less, move more!

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